Personal Training is the best way for anyone to quickly reach all their Fitness goals. With over 8 years of experience, Brotherton Fitness Training is guaranteed to get you results! Meet 1-on-1 with a Certified Personal Trainer to address and conquer all your Fitness and Health needs!

**Ask us about our 100% results guarantee or it is completely FREE!!**

Have a group of friends that  you'd have a blast sharing your exercise with? Or maybe some coworkers at the office that are also looking to get back in great shape? Group exercise programs are perfect for the individual that is serious about getting in shape, but easier on the wallet than individual training!

**Group Rates are a set rate. Therefore, the more people interested, the more each person saves!**

Join one of the latest crazes! TRX Suspension Trainers are a great way to workout your entire body, and it is easy! All exercises are determined by your body's resistance to the TRX, so it is easy to make harder or easier, and a great tool for any fitness level!

**Want to see if it is for you? The first training is completely FREE**


Heard of all those CrossFit programs popping up everywhere these days?! So have we, but we've also heard about many injuries, and lack of attention in these programs. Brotherton Cross-Training is programmed to help build Strength, improve different levels of your Cardiovascular system, and address flexibility and myofacsial release to help improve performance and reduce the chance of having injuries. A Win-Win for your body!

 *A fraction the cost of CrossFit, & promises to  give a great workout!*