BROTHERTON FITNESS: The Philosophy of “Health”

Written by Tyler Brotherton

When it comes to Fitness and the idea of “being healthy,” we all have different personal stories, and what those stories means to us. It could mean losing weight for a wedding, building strength and muscle to challenge a personal goal, or simply trying to prevent future injuries. No matter what the goal, we want to have a brief introduction about what “being healthy” means to us, and many of our clientele here at Brotherton Fitness.

For starters, think about what drives you? No really… not just something superficial, but the ultimate goal of why you want to achieve that goal? This is very important when looking to “get healthy”, and many trainers will tell you “You need to set a goal that improves yourself. Meaning, no “trying to look good for a date” or even “I need to get buffer than my buddy.” Many times, setting a goal that isn’t based off bettering yourself, will do just that; Put pressure to achieve for someone else, and ultimately set yourself up for failure. Which, of course, none of us want that feeling.

When it comes to Personal Training here with us, we love the fact that we have clients ranging from 18 – 95! (No kidding, our client Bob has been with us over 2 years, and just turned the big  9 5! ). We love that “being healthy” means something completely different to every one of our clients. We have clients repairing shoulder injuries, training for their first Spartan race, hoping to get more active to do more activities with their grandkids, or improving flexibility and balance. This is what personal training is all about! There is no one program for everyone, but that is what makes a personal trainer’s job fun and interesting, and ideally rewarding for all our clients!

So in a few brief paragraphs we hope you got a little introduction into the minds and ideas behind the training at Brotherton Fitness! What we hope most people get from this is very simple:“Always set a goal that works on making you, a better you. And, never feel like an, injury, lack or exercise, fitness level, or age are ever an obstacle preventing you from becoming happier and healthier!”

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